In 1984 United Development Initiatives for Programmed Actions–(UDDIPAN) started its journey towards development in a very small courtyard. Started with three branches in three valuable pockets of Bangladesh, it always craved for serving good number of people.

As a rights-based organization, UDDIPAN focuses and emphasizes on participation and involvement of beneficiaries irrespective class, culture, creed, religion, ethnicity in its development ventures encircling national priorities like income generating activities through micro credit support to poverty alleviation- cum safe water & sanitation; women’s empowerment; child & youth development; child, youth & adolescents rights including child education; child protection; gender development, health & nutrition; community mobilization; skills development & vocational training for women, men, children & youths; agricultural diversification; nursery development; plantation; response to disaster; livelihood development; medicinal tree plantation, improved cook stoves & solar system and environment & climate change adaptation; etc.

Our Vision:

An environmentally sound society without poverty, free from exploitation, oppression, injustice, and discrimination where children, women and men live with dignity and capable to exercise and enjoy their rights and will have access to opportunities irrespective of caste, creed and color

Our Mission:

Socio economic empowerment of the disadvantaged children, women & men for establishing their rights through social mobilization, building awareness, development, and promotion of people’s organizations, advocacy for positive change in policy & lobbying and with environmentally friendly initiatives.

Alleviate poverty by undertaking employment and income generation activities (IGA) for the disadvantaged families through women as the entry point and develop peoples’ leadership, entrepreneurial skills and human resource potentials.