Well-Come to MAA NGO


Organization Overview:


Mother Advancement Assistance (A Voluntary Social Welfare Organization) was founded in 1998 with an objective to serve the poor particularly the disadvantaged and victimized mothers & children. This Organization is contributing significantly to poverty alleviation and women empowerment.  It focuses mainly on the vulnerable women who are the sufferers of various social, economic, and cultural injustices. MAA desires to establish women’s dignity and their empowerment in society specially in the health sector.  MAA is a non-government, non-political and non-sectarian & non –profitable social welfare organization. It aspires an abuse free society where the distress women & children specially mothers & children should enjoy equal rights and the women will live in society with self-respect and honors.




We see Comilla & Chandpur areas where socio-economic development has been ensured for all vulnerable women, children and men.



To improve socio-economic condition of the vulnerable & disadvantaged women, men and children of the Comilla & Chandpur areas through creating access into different services & opportunities of income generating activities, education and health services by year 2020.



To improve socio-economic conditions of the vulnerable & disadvantaged/marginalized women, men & children of all Upazilas of Comilla & Chandpur areas through social capacity building & empowerment, establishing social rights on health & education sectors and income generating opportunities.


Objectives of MAA:

  • To build social capacity of the poor and vulnerable communities through intensive participatory training & education programs to ensure proper utilization of resources and facilitate social empowerment.
  • To provide nutrition & health services to the vulnerable mother & children.
  • To reduce child mortality rate.
  • To create self-employment by providing skill training, micro credit support and establish some development projects.
  • To provide awareness on safe drinking water & sanitation system
  • To create ecological balance through tree plantation
  • To educate the mostly disadvantaged female, male and children through non-formal education.
  • To provide the Youths from decadence through theater.


 Organization Implementation:

      The organization is currently operating in village of 201, Thaana of 10, 05 Nos upozillas comilla sadar, Burichang, Debidwer, Chandina and Shaharasti under two districts comila and Chandpur. It maintains a network of micro credit program , Integrated Community Based Arsenic Mitigation Program (ICBAMP), Health and Nutrition & Family Planning Program , Counseling Pregnant Mothers & Children and Protection of the youths from decadence through theater.