PROKAS started by some budding philanthropists in 1990 initially for pass time entertainment, recreation and occasional cultural and social activities.  PROKAS changed vision and metamorphosed to a full-cycle development organization to render assistance and services to the toiling mass for alleviation of poverty.



To create opportunities for poor to access better life and living 



To work in close cooperation with the members of rural poor families for capacity building through implementing appropriate, environment-friendly and gender sensitive programme activities for their social and economic emancipation  



The overall goal of the organization is alleviation of poverty through improvement of livelihood and awareness building of the rural poor



PROKAS pursuing the followings to contribute to the stated goal

  1. To create functional organization of poor people through formation of small groups
  2. To enhance capital formation of group members through individual savings and credit
  3. To supply institutional credit for undertaking income generating activities, housing and other purposes
  4. To improve the capacity of group members to improve their livelihood and enhance social awareness
  5. To create educational facilities for adolescent girls and children of poor households
  6. To improve the health and nutrition status through awareness building of people on HIV/AIDS and family planning
  7. To extend suitable technologies including agriculture, fishery, poultry and livestock rearing to raise the income of farm families
  8. To mainstream gender and environmental issues in all the activities of organization