Development Initiative for Social Advancement (DISA)

Emergence of DISA

Being a developing country- Bangladesh has the opportunity to utilize its resources at optimum level. The best and effective utilization of agriculture and human resources can uplift the poor community of Bangladesh. For forwarding the disadvantaged and marginalized poor people of Bangladesh from the loop of poverty, many initiatives had been taken in early 90’s. Different Development Institutes, organizations, NGOs has been formed in that decade. Like others initiatives, DISA was formed in 1993 by a group of social workers under the leadership of its founder Chief Executive Md. Shahid Ullah; with the programs of economic and social development of Bangladesh. Soon after its emergence, DISA proves that, it was not founded like ordinary organizations, but with some exceptional, sustainable and creative mission. Today, it is now in 25 years, and passed a long glorious journey; journey for fighting with poverty and for economic development.

Now DISA has been working in 20 districts of Bangladesh in 102 branches, for the rural people, especially women and children of the poor households with the objectives of poverty alleviation, Awareness building, violence reduction and empowerment of women to uplift their socio-economic status.

Working Strategy

Vision: DISA envisages establishing a society in Bangladesh which is economically productive and equitable, socially just, environmentally sound and viable.

Mission: Promote participatory, self-reliant and sustainable development of the poor and help them to achieve their potential through social and economic empowerment.

Objectives : Uplift rural people especially women’s sustainable socio-economic development through traditional/nontraditional, innovative income generating activities and build a health consciousness educated nation.

Core Values : Respect for all cultures and beliefs, mutual trust, transparency, gender sensitivity, commitment to work with sincerity, honesty, discipline practice democratic values and participation.


Uniqueness of DISA

DISA has been created in the society where it works through different activities and projects. Among its different community driven initiatives, DISA becomes exceptional through some unique projects like:

ALOGHAR : Knowledge & Information center.

DIST, DTTI- For Skill Manpower Development.